Best Way to Examine the Sprained Ankle

As your ankle is a very sensitive and fragile area, it can break at any time. You have to be very careful about taking care of your ankle if it’s sprained. The ligaments that are present in the bone helps to stabilize the joint. Most sprained occurs outside the ankle on the lateral ligaments. If it’s minor, then with simple home treatment, it can be cured. But if it’s severe, then it can force the ligament to tear much tissue at a point in time. So it is necessary for you to understand how to examine and take care of it properly.

Differentiate between a Broken Bone or a Tear

If it’s a simple bruise on the ankle, it is a tear, and you can easily treat it without consulting a doctor. But if the pain is stretching for a long period of time, consulting a doctor is necessary. The injury sometimes may be unbearable, so there is a chance of breaking the bone. In that case, it is better to do an X-ray.

  • Suppose you cannot put the same pressure on the foot when you are trying to walk. There is a high chance that you have broken your ankle. So you have to immediately lookout for an Orthopedic surgeon.

A Careful Physical examination

A physical check-up can determine the severity of the injury in the ankle. This check-up will help the doctor to understand the cause of the injury. A patient can also understand the severity of the ankle. After a full physical check-up, the doctor will suggest several treatments. This treatment may includeUltrasound to See More Detail [ดูรายละเอียด which is the term in Thai] about the condition of the broken ankle. A doctor may suggest magnetic resonance Imaging to see how extreme the ligament is damaged.


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