Five Reasons Why Individuals Don’t Discuss Their Mental Health

You might have seen TV adverts lately to boost understanding of the way we treat people coping with mental ill-health. Here’s my take on top five explanations why individuals don’t talk more freely concerning the issues involved.

Reason # 1: ‘Other people just don’t wish to know’

Frequently there’s a type of conspiracy of silence around someone experiencing a time period of mental ill-health. Individuals are concerned about saying the incorrect factor, so that they don’t say anything, and also the person concerned seems like nobody wants to understand.

Reason 2: ‘Its like acknowledging you cannot cope’

Despite the fact that many people may be supportive, almost always there is somebody that gives that many unhelpful of advice – just pull yourself together – however that could be disguised! Unfortunately that whenever you are experiencing mental ill-health, there’s that inner voice hammering away suggesting the identical factor.

Reason No 3: ‘You’re less inclined to have that promotion, job, insurance plan….’

It is true! Sadly, such may be the ignorance around mental ill-health there is really discrimination available. Should you disclose even consider your experience of mental ill-health, studies have shown that you are less inclined to be used than someone having a physical disability.

Reason No 4: ‘Losing touch with yourself’

Experiencing a time period of mental ill-health could be devastating to someone’s self esteem. Coping mechanisms used before no more appear to operate, it feels as though you are not really exactly the same person. Expressing this with other people, even going to ourselves, can be very difficult. Apparently our most typical responses to worry will be to ‘do nothing, just accept it’, ‘eat comfort or junk food’ or ‘spend time alone’ (Be Conscious stress survey) – all methods to positively worsen our mental wellbeing, not improve it.

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