How to choose the best masseuse for your tantric massage

Massage therapy has been a great technique of relaxing the body and rejuvenating its energy for the longest time now. Numerous massage parlors have thrived in numerous major cities with many clients today preferring options like erotic and tantric massages. Unlike most other types of massage, tantric and erotic massage types need you to not only find a great parlor to use but also great masseuses to work with. Choosing the best London erotic massage whether for private sessions or at the massage parlor service will not be easy unless you consider these factors in your search.

Should be time keepers

Time keeping is a skill that is finessed over time and masseuses need to develop it the most. Many of the customers in massage parlors are busy professionals who do not have the whole day to enjoy the massage. The masseuse must therefore be able to respect the appointment time constrains and ensure that they do not keep their customers waiting. You might want to check their reputation on their sites to choose the parlors with great and punctual masseuses that you can get for the task.

Be discreet

In massaging different clients, the masseuses know very personal details about the client which they should keep private and discreet. Clients are supposed to trust their masseuses but this works both ways. If the masseuse learns anything about the clients body for instance deformations or health conditions, the information must be kept private otherwise leaking it would be a breach of privacy and could easily lead to lawsuits being filed against the masseuse. The best parlors have policies that restrict their staff from sharing details of the massage room interior after they are done working.


Shyness is mostly associated with amateurs and that is never a strong suit when you are working on a project. In a tantric massage session, the client can afford to be shy but the masseuse cannot. Try to find a masseuse who not only looks great but also is confident in their own skin to help you bring down the wall. Find a masseuse that you can trust their abilities and judgement in the massage room and how they execute them to make you have a happy ending after the session. To spark the romantic atmosphere, the masseuse must look like they understand what it is they are doing or are about to do otherwise the energies could easily be mismatched.


It will be pointless to overlook experience and skills before hiring a masseuse. Anybody can claim to be a massage therapist but the only true masseuse is one who can give their proof of training. Most vocational institutions give training on diverse massage types. By choosing a masseuse that is trained, you stand a better chance of enjoying the session. It is only trained and experienced experts who can be methodical in their touch and vibe in the massage room.

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