Sprained Ankle Treatment 

The bones of the angle are held together by some tough band of tissues known as ligament. It helps in stabilizing the movement of the joint. An awkward roll, twist, or turn in the ankle resulting in injury to the ligament can cause a sprain. It is a common type of injury due to over-stretching of ligaments beyond their normal range of motion. Outer tissues of the ankle suffer the most in this type of injury. The treatment generally involves some home therapies or over-the-counter medication, but surgery may require in most severe cases.


The treatment of a sprained ankle helps in promoting quick recovery and prevents further irritation. There is some self-care treatment that you can avail at home to take care of the injury. The wrapping up of the injured ankle with elastic bandages loosely can give you comfort. You may take the support of a brace or clutch to be able to walk. The swelling will decrease if you can put your legs in an elevated position over the pillow. Applying ice every twenty to thirty minutes, three to four times a day at the initial stage, helps reduce the swelling.  Over-the-counter painkillers will help you avoid a painful night and allow you to sleep properly.


It is a rare case that there is a need for surgery in case of Sprained Ankle Treatment [รักษา ข้อ เท้า พลิก]. It may be necessary if the patient does not respond to the home treatment. Arthroscopy is one type of surgery where the surgeon searches for any fragments of bone or cartilage inside the joint. A surgeon repairs a torn ligament with the help of stitches in reconstruction surgery. The healthy or unaffected tendons around the foot help in this surgery. After the surgery, you must go through a rehabilitation period involving exercises and physical therapies. The rehabilitation period can take weeks or months depending upon the surgery pattern and expanse of the ankle sprain. 

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