Steps to clean your dryer vent 

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If you are noticing that your clothes are damp even after drying them fully then the time has come to clean out your dryer vent ducts. Also, if you are noticing that the dryer becomes very hot while performing the task then you should go for dryer vent cleaning as soon as possible. You can easily, cheaply and quickly clean your dryer vent by just following some simple steps. 

Step 1

The very first step of dryer vent cleaning is to find where actually the vent of your dryer is. Most dryers have a short exhaust pipe attached to them and the hot air from your dryer is pushed through the exhaust pipe which escapes on the outside wall of your home through a vent. After figuring out the vents see how dirty it is and go for cleaning according to that.

Step 2

Unplug your dryer and remove any metal tape attached to the vent pipe of the dryer and always apply a gentle pressure while pulling the vent pipe from the wall duct so that pipe does not break. 

Step 3

Now, it will be easier for you to look inside the dryer vent very clearly. For sucking up the lint in or around the hole, use the hose attachment of vacuum cleaner or you can also clean it manually by attaching the dryer brush to your power drill and insert the brush into your duct. 

Step 4 

Now, the last step is to plug your dryer into the outlet and reconnect your wall duct. Also, if you want to replace the soft foil style vent with something sturdier then go for a 90 degree, fire resistant elbow as it will also provide you very clear airflow so that you can dry your clothes very quickly. 


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