Thermage – The Revolutionary Skin Tightening Technology 


How Long Do Ultherapy Results Last? | RealSelfIt’s normal for skin quality to deteriorate after we turn 21. Pollution, ageing, stress, etc., causes our skin to lose its firmness. There are many anti-aging creams, supplements, and products in the market. Unfortunately, most of these low-cost solutions don’t provide long-lasting results. Sure, your skin will look better for the day when you apply anti-aging lotion in the morning. But, these products hardly ever provide long-term results. That’s why a new innovative skin tightening technology is gaining global popularity. You undergo this skin tightening procedure once, and it will last for a year. Here’s how people are using this latest skin tightening technology to get young faces.

Thermage – A New Way of Rejuvenating Your Face 

The innovation that is causing shockwaves in the global skincare industry is called Thermage. It was developed in the United States. It became popular because many celebrities admitted using it to maintain their skin’s firmness. It is FDA-approved and 100% safe. In this innovative procedure, experts use very high radio frequencies technology to produce heat. A device delivers this heat deep under the skin. The high radio frequencies penetrate the skin’s fat layer and stimulate the underlying layers. This stimulation triggers the production of new, flexible collagen. The more collagen your skin produces, the more flexible and strong it is. That’s why this innovative procedure is so popular among skincare experts.

Who Can Benefit from this Procedure?

Thermage machines are 100% safe. They don’t pose any health risks. Any adult with skin-related issues can benefit from this procedure. This procedure can easily resolve issues like – accumulated fat on facial skin, sagging skin, and wrinkles. Patients must find clinics where they use authentic machines. Counterfeit devices can cause scars during the procedure. Do you want to get this revolutionary skin tightening solution? Learn about Thermage [เท ร์ มา , which is the term in Thai] and find the right clinic!


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