Understanding the benefits of using SPF products

Ultraviolet rays are the invisible light that falls from the sun. And humans are adversely affected by the UV rays. UV rays have shorter wavelengths than the light that is visible to our naked eye.

Did you know that within the UV spectrum, there are two types of rays that can cause damage to the human DNA in our skin cells? These are so fatal and carcinogenic to cause diseases such as premature ageing of the skin and even skin cancer. Hence it is vital to ensure the best protection of our skin from both types of UV rays. The two types of UV rays are –

UVB rays

This type of UV rays can cause radiation burns. UVB plays a key role in causing diseases such as skin cancer. Using sunscreen products with SPF number that especially mentions the protection from UVB rays helps in avoiding skin radiation burns.  Check the products at Odylique that are specially designed against UVB protection.

UVA rays

UVA cause skin damage can cause tanning and ageing and wrinkles of the skin. UVA rays are the shortest wavelengths rays, which also contribute to sunburn. Hence, check for the SPK sunscreen products that especially mentions protection against the UVA rays and UVB rays when you are out of your home for long hours.

Let us understand more about SPF Number

SPF – SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, which means the number in the sunscreen product indicates how long it can protect the skin against sun radiation burns.

In other words, the SPF number in a skincare sunscreen product tells you the duration it takes the UV ration from the sun to cause the redness on your when it is applied on the skin surface while you are out of your home.

For instance, SPF 30 indicate that it would take 30 times longer to burn the skin than if you were out of the home without wearing sunscreen cream or lotion.

SPF 30 allows close to 3% of UVB rays to penetrate our skin compare to SPF 50 that allows just 2% of the rays to hit the skin.

A sunscreen with higher SPF protection offer maximum protection against sun radiation and helps to avoid sunburn, UV damages and cancer compared with products with lower SPF values. But this does not mean that while you have sunscreen on your skin you can stay exposed to UV radiation for a longer duration. You should reapply the sunscreen in regular intervals and wear the clothes to cover up the skin against the sun.

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