Why choose chemical-free hair colour

The reason for using the hair colour could be many from highlighting the natural colour, covering greys, or having a makeover.  But the hair colour becomes a new norm and styling quotient that many love. Hair is one of the parts of the body that you can change to attain a new look to astonish your loved ones and co-workers. While the hair colour helps you in building confidence with the new look, we need to ensure that it is not affecting our health adversely.

The hair gets damaged soon with the exposure to the harsh environmental pollution and all the chemicals we apply on the hair, including the hair colour, hair serum, cream and gel other than the hair colour. To add to it, some of us have sensitive hair that causes even more damage to the hair than we can assume.

There are many dangers associated with the chemicals used in hair dye. Hence, opting for organic hair dyes help in lesser exposure to these chemicals and attaining the required colour naturally.

Moreover, it is important to understand the warning signs we get while using the chemical in the hair colour. This ensures to stay safer from the further harshness it offers.

Organic hair dye benefits

  1. These are ammonia-free products – hence cause fewer health issues and damage to skin and hair
  2. Organic cosmetics products are the best option for people with sensitive skin and scalps
  3. Organic products are safer even for longer use
  4. Organic products are safer for the environment. It does not disturb nature and affect the quality of air, water and land with the chemical blending

Be cautious when purchasing organic hair dyes as not all of them are completely natural. Read the label thoroughly to understand the ingredients in the product and understand if these are completely chemical-free. The natural ingredients mentioned in the products may be botanical ingredients and naturally derived, but may not be produced organically.

One of the 100% natural hair dyes available in the market is a henna powder for hair. These are chemical-free products that enhance the growth of the hair naturally. But be sure that when you purchase the henna-based dyes check the label to ensure no harsh chemicals are present that could cause damage to the hair. These products could also be sold with serious drawback if it is taken from the plants grown inorganically.

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